Sunday, 25 August 2013

I'm A Hobo Bag : #BagItUp

Hi there,

Over on the Next Blog they've brought back the flowchart quiz that was oh so frequentely used in tween magazines throughout the nineties and noughties. I used to look forward to grabbing my copy of 'Shout' or 'Mizz' (remember those!) and follow the charts to find what tv show character or girl band member I was most like. The Next Handbag Quiz was no different. I read and followed the squiggly lines to find that I am a Hobo Bag! I think this is definitely me, although I do like lusting after the occasional designer bag, the Hobo bag is a staple for any student. Its oversized and slouchy, perfect for cramming books, paper, pens and the beauty essentials.
So I decided to put together an outfit that would go with one of the bags I found on the Next website. This bag is great, it has all the requirements I need: roomy, handle options and a safe colour that can be matched with different outfits! And to top it off it is within a student budget!

001. Next Boucle Sweater This would be perfect for the casual look of the bag. Its oversized and cosy for walking to University or out shopping.

002. Next Zip Ponte Leggings The leggings here also go with the causal feel of this outfit, but the zip accent make them look a bit different.

003. Next Rose Gold Chain Necklace Adding a necklace spices up the outfit and gives it an extra feature to make it stand out a bit more.

004. Next Clean Sludge Boots These boots are a similar colour to the bag, which makes this effortlessly casual outfit look like its been thought out.

005. Next Grey Mono Slouch Bag Finally the bag that fit me best. This hobo bag is a great size for all of my University necessities, and the colours give it a chic look.

There is my take on the Hobo Bag look!



  1. Hey I love the layout and theme of your blog. I'm a jumper addict and i'll soon be doing my "student" shop so thanks for the inspiration. I'm following your blog via bloglovin and was wondering if you'd look at mine and follow back :)