Monday, 19 August 2013

My First Year: No Longer A Fresher

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So in just over a month I will be returning to University as a 'Second Year'. I was looking at the website for my Uni's freshers week for this September and I felt a bit jealous of the new arrivals. Summer 2012 was full of anticipation and excitement for what was to come. Many of my friends who had already spent a year at University told me their experiences of First Year, the fun they had, the new friends they made and how it had become their new homes. I asked myself whether it was true... was it really that good? I found out that YES it is, better in fact! It is something you need to experience yourself because a second-hand explanation doesn't do it justice.
While there were a LOT of boxes resembling building blocks taking over the space in my bedroom being filled up with 'student essentials' and my many, many belongings, I can remember feeling both hesitant about this new journey I was about to embark on. Would it be hard? Would I find friends? Would I miss home? I had accepted the fact that maybe I would find a couple of friends, but those original thoughts vanished within the first few days. In fact I was very lucky and now at the end of the first year I have several good friends and I even found my BEST friend!
I would sum up Freshers Week with 3 words: Friends, New, and Drink. Everyone was super friendly, after all we didn't know each other so everyone was trying to be as social as possible. However, the people you meet in the first week won't necessarily be your friends for the whole year. Everything was new, new subject, new environment and new experiences, sometimes you got the feeling of being a little kid in a bit city. But you soon become accustomed to the surroundings. And finally as in well-known it is a week full of partying, every night was the obligatory pre-drinking and then off to the University Hall with hundreds of other freshers. Within the first month I had my feet firmly set in University life. This for me entailed, housemates bursting into my room, a copious amount of essays and assignments, the weekly nights out, the struggles of having to decide what to cook, the struggles of having to prioritise paying for food over my shopping addiction and uncounted new experiences.
Before I knew it Christmas was round the corner and Semester 1 was complete, not before the frantic last minute essay submitting. During the month off I definitely missed being in halls and couldn't wait to get back. However, what I could wait for were the upcoming exams. The first few weeks I was back were full of 24/7 revision and late night trips to the shop for much needed 'brain food' i.e. a plentiful amount of chocolate and completely unhealthy, but much needed snacks. Semester 2 was a whirlwind, it literally flew by. It consisted of more work, outings with coursemates, even more nights out and then back round to the joy that it is revision. Finally came end of exams, summer ball and moving out of halls.
On reflection I don't remember every exact day of my first year, the word to sum it up would be FUN!
 If I had to give any advice it would be to ENJOY yourself at every given opportunity. Don't let little things get you down, there's no point, just make the most of everything! I had to take a year out to resit a couple of my A Level exams so I definitely appreciate being able to go to University. After all, aside from the actual having to work, it is 4 years full of good times. Although I will miss being in halls, I certainly can not wait for the year to come and my resolutions for the coming year would be:
1. To be open-minded    
2. Take up new opportunities  
3. Keep better track of my finances (my shopping is going to have to be restrained)  
4. Continue enjoying myself!

'We're young enough to say this has got to be the good life'

That is all for tonight,


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