Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Wishing On Wednesday

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So as the shopaholic that I am it would not be right if I wasn't constantly lusting after some top in the Topshop website or a perfect party dress from my window shopping trips to H&M. However, being a student, finances aren't always strong so my gigantic wardrobe full of amazing pieces of clothing will have to hold on (for now). I do like to keep an archive of items I desire, I think that buy holding out from buying them it will ensure that I'm truly decided that I need that top in my collection of clothing. In the past I have fallen victim to a spontaneous buy that 50% of the time either I never wear, or on second try on doesn't look as great (those changing rooms can be deceiving). Therefore, I thought that by making my list even smaller by picking out a few pieces I really, really can not live without will help my addiction. Hopefully this method of  narrowing down will limit my spending too. I am going to post a few of my favourite weekly selections as a 'Wish List' on Wednesdays. This way I can have the objects of my desire posted so all can admire with me. So here I start this weeks wishes....

001.  Zara Navy Strappy Top £22
First up is this beauty from Zara. Some may say it's a more expensive version of the chiffon camis available in most high street shops, but do not be mistaken this is much more. I really like the print, haven't seen one like it so far, and the inner navy lining gives it an expensive feel that Zara do well. I can just picture now the different ways I can style it.

I have to say over the past few weeks each time I have entered my local New Look shop I have tried this dress on. It's the perfect fit and length (which can be hard to find with my height) but I am still not 100% sure whether I will wear it enough, it is a summery dress although it is thick enough to wear with tights in winter. I am going to have to give this a think, and maybe one more try. 

003. H&M Checked Blouse £19.99
At first glance this appeared to be an ordinary checked shirt, however it has a chiffon-like material. I hadn't seen a shirt like this before so I had to take it straight to the changing rooms. As soon as I put it on I loved it, it fits well and the length is just right, and it doesn't look too overly smart for daytime. Next time I am in H&M I think I may just buy it (and its purple, how can I reject it).

004. H&M Top £12.99
I am in love with this top and have been since I spotted it in the H&M magazine that came through my door in May. The design is perfect, and the price is pretty decent. Not so perfect is the fact that my size is always sold out and I can never find it in-store. While I wait for the website to re-stock I am going to have to imagine myself wearing it and one day it will be hanging beside my other tops.

All of last winter and spring I was looking for a jacket just like this for Uni, and never found the right one, but now during summer when we are actually having a heatwave I find it. Luckily for me though as it is summer it is on sale, so I am sure that I am going to grab this deal. It will be perfect for autumn when Britain returns to its natural state of cold and rain. 


006. Topshop Strappy V-Neck Cami £18
Last but by no means least is the cami that everyone is wearing and every high street store is bringing out. I have tried the New Look and Primark ones but I really want the original, the material is so soft and there is so much variety in colour. This colour in particular is ideal for autumn. I may just be taking this home with me next time I visit Topshop (with my trusty student card in hand).

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